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USB Connector
USB Connector

The USB Connector is a HOMELINE® accessory making it possible to connect a variety of standard articles equipped with a USB plug to your TWINDRIVE® TD3 system or your CBH Advanced system.

Based on plug and play principles, just connect the USB Connector to one of the channels of the TD3/CBH Advanced and you have extended combination possibilities of adding a USB based unit. – All operated by the handset.

The USB Connector is a compact unit only taking up limited space. Furthermore, the unit is very easy to mount either by using screws and mount on the bed frame or simply by using the groove on the TD3 and slide it on.

A further feature of the unit is that if you need more than the 2 USB ports on each box, several boxes can be connected to the system and stacked on each other only taking up a minimum of space.

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