Mechatronics Industrial Equipments, Flat no.22, Building no. 3098, Road no. 0469, Block no. 604, Al Qaryah, Sitra Industrial Area, Kingdom of Bahrain

about us

Mechatronics Industrial Equipment – An ISO 9001/ENISO9001:2008 certified company, offers turnkey solutions for pneumatics, hydraulic, vacuum, electrical and electronics application. We have been successful in designing a 360° solution for low-cost Industrial Automation for the last two decades.

Since its foundation, Mechatronics has been a pioneer in the field of marine, automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil & gas, food & beverage, construction, etc. We have constantly looked into offering the best of services to the clients through automated solutions and delivering top-of-the-line products for industrial technology.

Being one of the most recognized and reputed businesses in the field, we have established ourselves in multiple countries across Asia.

All of Mechatronics' staff are highly distinguished engineers, who have vast, in-depth knowledge in the field they are assigned to thereby offering ideal solutions in order to extract most out of our products.

Our Vision

The customer always come first and we take it upon ourselves to provide the best customer service possible, be it in after sales procurement of spare parts for the customer or training the customer to use the purchased product, we provide it all. We also provide customized solutions based on the requirement to ensure that the products work per your specifications. This coupled our state-of- the-art sales and services centres making Mechatronics Bahrain the ideal choice for all things automation.

Our Mission

Mechatronics aims at providing customers with products that are reliable and of quality that are second to none. We are always keen on answering all of our customers’ queries on innovative technologies and help them enhance their skills and process. Mechatronics is continuously working on satisfying our customers’ expectation through constant training and motivation of our employees.

our values


One of our core values is to provide cost effective solutions through customization which aids in increasing the efficiency of the company. This is one of the key differentiators between us and our competition.

Product Range

We have a wide range of products which cater to various sectors and have partnered with the crème de la creme in the industry to provide the best solutions for you.


Providing after sales support is another key differentiating factor. If a customer has a problem, we help them find a solution with on-time delivery and immediate responsiveness.


We value our customers and partners, but more importantly we value long term relationships with them. We strive towards this goal and maintain that sense of partnership for the long haul.

industries we work with

why us?

Mechatronics Bahrain is striving to be the best in all things automation related. We have the expertise and know-how to provide our customers with cost effective and ground-breaking results.