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TEC- 55 Multi- Point/Centrally Controlled Drain System
TEC- 55 Multi- Point/Centrally Controlled Drain System

A typical compressor installation has a compressor, aftercooler, dryer, filter(s) and a receiver (airtank). One unit, the TEC-55, electronically controls all draining points. This multi-voltage sequential controller can drain up to four outlets. The individual cycle requirements, as well as the overall time cycle, can be adjusted according to your specific requirements. The TEC-55 offers a range of valves specifically designed for filters, general purpose, high pressure or stainless steel.

  • Number of Outlets – 4
  • Load Capacity – 2A, 80 W per drain
  • Interval Time – 0.5 – 10 seconds adjustable
  • Total Cycle- 4.5 – 90 minutes adjustable
  • Indicators- 6 LED’s (only one LED active at any time)
  • Output Connections- Cords with DIN43650A connectors
  • Main Connections – Cord
  • Housing – ABS, fire resistant


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