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TD1 220 and TD1 250
TD1 220 and TD1 250

The TD1 220 and TD1 250 are the basic TWINDRIVE versions in the Comfort Furniture segment. They were primarily developed for use in slatted beds, where the need for force is moderate.

The compact TD1 220 and the TD1 250 are characterised by the very low built-in height ensuring almost invisible motors and space for storage or easy cleaning under the bed.

Furthermore, the TD1 has a very low and comfortable noise level making the use of the bed pleasurable. The TD1 220 and the TD1 250 offer basic options such as emergency lowering, mains cut-off and different angles. For extra user comfort wireless handsets based on RF (radio frequency) technology and an extra channel for extra adjustment of the bed are optional.

Furthermore, it is possible to add more force to the bed by choosing a toroidal transformer.

  • Max. torque: 220/250 Nm
  • Average speed: 2.6º / sec.
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