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Static Seals – Rubber, PTFE, Metal, Bonded and Inflatable
Static Seals – Rubber, PTFE, Metal, Bonded and Inflatable

In a static sealing application there is no movement between sealing surfaces or between the seal surface and its mating surface.

The most common seal used in static sealing situations is the O-Ring , but in addition to these, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a range of specialized static seals. The range includes our proprietary metal O-Rings, Wills Rings® , which are ideal for use in extreme temperatures and pressures. Other static seals we offer include inflatable seals (Airseal), various rubber seals, valve seals, x-rings, square rings, rubber – metal bonded seals, polyurethane seals and spring energized Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seals.

Resistant to virtually all media, static seals in our Turcon® PTFE based material are offered for contact with aggressive chemicals. In addition, there is the inflatable Airseal, suitable for sealing doors and openings especially in chemical or semiconductor applications.

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