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Even small and light-weight lids and armatures can present risks. Especially if they open by themselves or if their fall is not braked. In the worst case, fingers will get squeezed. To prevent this from happening, there is now the STAB-O-SHOC HD 15 from Stabilus. It gently dampens the motion, and due to its small, simple design it can easily be integrated into any application. The standard STAB-O-SHOC is a mounting orientation-dependent, non-pressurized oil hydraulic damper, which is preferably installed vertically. Positive and direct force transmission is possible in only one direction of motion.


    • Damping force up to 800 N

    • Damping forces one-directional, in special cases also bi-directional

    • Non-pressurized, no extension force

    • Orientation-dependent mounting, with piston rod down or up

    • “Plunger damper” – simple design


    • Glove compartment

    • Bar cabinets

    • Kitchen cabinets

    • Storage cubicles

    • Lid dampers

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