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STAB-O-MAT ER (E-Release) – Swivel Chair Column with Electrically Adjustable Valve
STAB-O-MAT ER (E-Release) – Swivel Chair Column with Electrically Adjustable Valve

In a swivel chair, the gas pressure spring usually assumes the traditional height adjustment function. This requires operating an actuation mechanism by hand or by foot. The new STAB-O-MAT E-Release gas spring from Stabilus, where an electric valve regulates chair height, will allow the chair to be moved to the right position at the push of a button. The valve can be operated directly on the chair or by remote radio control. This allows networking multiple chairs and adjusting them at the same time. By integrating individual occupant detection and a time relay, each chair can be controlled individually or with a time delay. In addition, the STAB-O-MAT ER monitors the seat position. Once a certain seat height has been reached, the valve shuts off. A gas cushion provides the familiar depth spring action. The E-Release gas spring can also be equipped with a memory function, which stores preferred seat positions and recalls them, if necessary. Visual or acoustic displays offer additional control options. The STAB-O-MAT ER makes novel actuation systems such as touch panels or microswitches possible. This opens up completely new design possibilities for chair designers.


  • Individual electric valve actuation of the gas spring without lever/Bowden cable.
  • Designer solutions thanks to new actuation systems
  • Power supplied by rechargeable battery or solar panels


  • Conference chairs
  • Chairs in gaming halls/casinos
  • High-quality individual chairs for multiple users
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