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The SCALE system is an overall LINAK article description for weight measuring comprising a display device (SCO = Scale Control Openbus™) and a calculation device for load measuring (QLCI = Quad Load Cell Interface).

It is developed for the OpenBus™ product range (not CB6 OBL). The SCALE item ‘SCO’ is the user interface to carry out the measurements. The QLCI item ‘QLCI’ is a ‘black box’ with advanced electronics to calculate measurements obtained from third party suppliers of load cell devices.

The SCALE system provides complete weight measuring equipment made for the Hospital and Care environment, typically connected and mounted in hospital beds. The equipment enables the staff to carry out measurements with the patient staying in bed – whereas existing methods require the patient to leave the bed. Working with disabled patients may make the usual weighing methods a struggle to overcome for the patient. Sometimes using the current weight measurement methods may be even impossible.

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