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RPCE3-* – Pilot operated flow control proportional valves
RPCE3-* – Pilot operated flow control proportional valves

The RPCE3-* are two-way or three-way flow control proportional valves, CETOP 07, with pressure and thermal compensation and mounting interface in compliance with ISO 6263 (CETOP RP 121H) standards.

These proportional valves are normally used for flow rate control in hydraulic circuit branches and for speed control of hydraulic actuators.

Flow rate can be modulated continuously in proportion to the current supplied to the solenoid.

The valve can be controlled directly by a current control supply unit or by means of the relative electronic control units which enable optimal valve performance.

The valves are available in two flow control ranges of 100 l/min, with progressive gain or with differential gain.

To ensure correct valve operation, maintain a minimum pilot control flow rate of 2 l/min and minimum pressure of 20 bar.

Pilot control can be internal, with intake of oil from line E, or external from a line with 1/4” BSP connection on the pilot body.

Drainage is always external and must be connected directly to the tank without backpressure by means of subplate connection Y (OR Ø32) or by means of a line (1/4” BSP coupling) on the pilot body.

The three-way version RPCE3-100-T3 allows flow control to the circuit by dumping the exceeding flow to the tank. Maximum pressure in the circuit is limited by means of a manual adjustment relief valve which operates on the compensator pilot.

The RPCE3-100-T3 proportional valve is also available in /M version, which allows, by means of an electric control, to unload the total flow with a minimum pressure drop

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