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Puro Oil/Water Separators
Puro Oil/Water Separators

The PURO is designed to separate oil from condensate that is extracted from compressed air systems. The PURO condensate separator covers compressor capacities up to 8m/min (300 cfm). Polypropylene has the perfect effect on oil. It attracts oil and captures it, almost as if it draws oil like a magnet. That simplicity and our technology are at the root of the PURO’s efficiency to clean virtually all types of condensate (emulsified or not). The typical output oil residue value is less than 10 ppm. All PURO models can accept condensate discharge from intelligent drains, timer drains, float drains and manual drains. Additional condensate can also be manually added.


  • No de-rating or over-sizing (no complicated sizing charts required)
  • Will handle and separate mineral oil, synthetic oil and stabile emulsions
  • Is applied on capacity of compressed air systems up to 8m/min (300 cfm)
  • Does not incorporate/require a condensate settling tank.
  • TEST valve for sampling purposes.
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rugged PE housing
  • Small compact design
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