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P6010 AVM™2
P6010 AVM™2

  • COAX® P6010 multistage ejector with Pi, Si or Xi vacuum cartridge(s).
  • AVM™2, Automatic Vacuum Management, unit with built-in control and monitoring functions.
  • Valves for vacuum on/off and blow-off.
  • Special safety feature for the version with normally closed on/off valve. It changes to an open valve if power is lost (E-stop).
  • Analogue vacuum sensor with two digital outputs, 16 pre-set combinations of signal levels to choose from.
  • Digital display with “-kPa” or “-inHg” as unit options.
  • Integrated energy saving function (ES) that minimizes the air consumption in sealed systems. The ES function can be activated manually or via a signal (signal override).
  • Three-colour LED status indicators for valves, signal outputs and ES.
  • On AVM™2 units for P6010, there is an option to blow from a separate port to maximize blow-off efficiency in the vacuum system.
  • 1-4 cartridges.
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