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Optimum Timer Controlled Condensate Drain – 230 psi
Optimum Timer Controlled Condensate Drain – 230 psi

The Optimum Drain Assembly consists of a solid-state timer coupled to a solenoid valve. Instruction manual outlines installation procedure. The unit is suitable for ALL compressed air system components (aftercoolers, dryers, filters, pressure vessels and piping), regardless of their size or capacity – simply adjust the interval and discharge times to suit the particular compressed air system.

• Timer Manual TEST switch- Yes, micro switch

• Timer Environmental protection- IP 65, NEMA 4 when installed

• Valve Insulation- Higher grade H coils. Industry standard is grade F. Grade H offers superior resistance to higher temperature and longer life.

• Valve Environmental protection- IP 65 (NEMA 4)

• Valve Body- Forged brass, orifice 4.5 mm – 3/16 inch – .187

• Mounting in any position – Yes

• Bright lights for clearer indication of operating status

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