Mechatronics Industrial Equipments, Flat no.22, Building no. 3098, Road no. 0469, Block no. 604, Al Qaryah, Sitra Industrial Area, Kingdom of Bahrain

OEM kit packaging & food
OEM kit packaging & food

  • A selection of approximately 50 items targeted to packaging and food applications
  • Generously discounted to enable a broad variety of selections
  • Comes in a durable plastic box suitable for workshops
  • DURAFLEX® suction cups
  • piGRIP® suction cups
  • FDA suction cups
  • Oval suction cups
  • Various standard suction cups
  • COAX® in piGRIP®
  • VGS™3010/5010 – Decentralized Vacuum ejector grippers
  • Vactivator – Vacuum activated cylinder
  • AQR – Atmospheric quick release modules
  • piINLINE® – inline ejector
  • Large number of fittings (mounted)
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