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The MJB Modular Junction Box is designed for use together with OpenBus™ control boxes (CB6S, CB16, CB20).

The MJB makes it possible to connect multiple handsets, attendant controls or it is also possible to use the MJB as a control unit for 3rd party products such as Out of Bed Detection, USB charger, Under Bed Light, etc.

MJB with 5V SMPS:
5V SMPS, Switch Mode Power Supply.
The SMPS is to be used when there is a need of a power supply near the bed. E.g. to charge an electronical device; e.g. Music player, camera, mobile phone, please see “Usage” for further details.

It is also possible to connect a bedside lamp, from our 3rd party supplier. This will be connected directly to the MJB port 2 via a modular plug. The SMPS is able to indicate with an LED, on a hand control, whether the power supply is switched on or off.

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