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Mechanical Face Seals- Heavy Duty Seals
Mechanical Face Seals- Heavy Duty Seals

Mechanical Face Seals or heavy duty seals are specifically engineered for rotating applications in extremely arduous environments where they withstand severe wear and prevent ingress of harsh and abrasive external media. A Mechanical Face Seal is also known as Heavy Duty Seal, Face Seal, Lifetime Seal, Floating Seal, Duo Cone Seal, Toric Seal , Mechanische Laufwerkdichtungen (German), Механични Челни Уплътнения (Bulgarian), 机械端面密封件 (Chinese), Mekaniske aksialtætninger(Danish), Mekaaninen otsatiiviste (Finnish), Joints d’Etanchéité Axiaux (French),Mechaniczne Uszczelnienie Czołowe (Polish), Juntas espejo (Spanish), Mekaniska Glidringstätningar (Swedish).

There are two different types of Mechanical Face Seals / Heavy Duty Seals:

  • Type DO is the most common form that uses an O-Ring as a secondary sealing element
  • Type DF has an elastomer with a diamond-shaped cross section as a secondary sealing element instead of the O-Ring

Both types consist of two identical metal seal rings mounted in two separate housings face-to-face on a lapped seal face. The metal rings are centered within their housings by an elastomer element. One half of the Mechanical Face Seal remains static in the housing, while the other half rotates with its counter face.





Mechanical Face Seals are predominantly used for sealing the bearings in construction machinery or production plants operating under extremely arduous conditions and subject to severe wear.

These include:

  • Tracked vehicles, such as excavators and bulldozers
  • Conveyor systems
  • Heavy trucks
  • Axles
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Agriculture machines
  • Mining machines

Mechanical Face Seals are proven for use in gearboxes, mixers, stirrers, wind-driven power stations and other applications with similar conditions or where maintenance-free lifetime sealing is expected.

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