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LIFT-O-MAT PTL with stop in the compressed position
LIFT-O-MAT PTL with stop in the compressed position

The LIFT-O-MAT PTL is a gas spring with an additional mechanical lock in the compressed position. Similar to the ball point pen principle, the lock can be released by a light push; the gas spring then extends by itself. Besides the force support function, LIFT-O-MAT PTL features an end position stop, thereby eliminating the need for additional fixing elements. At the same time, LIFT-O-MAT PTL is easy and comfortable to use. The LIFT-O-MAT PTL is used especially in furniture, e.g.: in recessed connector strips in conference tables, bar compartments, backrests of sofas, armrests, and head-rests adjustment.


  • Locking in the compressed position
  • End position lock without additional fixing elements
  • Simple release of the lock by the ballpoint pen principle
  • User-friendly, comfortable operation
  • Maintenance-free
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