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LIFT-O-MAT INOX LINE- Stainless Steel
LIFT-O-MAT INOX LINE- Stainless Steel

The LIFT-O-MAT INOX LINE is a gas spring that is particularly corrosion resistant due to the use of V4A steel (see DIN EN 100 88-1). LIFT-O-MAT Inox Line is non-magnetic. The oils used as fluids are biodegradable and are classified as “no hazard to water” in the water hazard class (WGK). The LIFT-O-MAT INOX LINE is used in corrosive environments, e.g., in sea air or industrial exhaust gases. They provide very good corrosion protection, even in acid or alkaline environments. Typical areas of application are environmental and water supply technology, the food industry, plant construction, shipbuilding, chemical industry, as well as military technology.

Specific advantages:

  • High corrosion protection
  • Non-magnetic
  • Environmentally friendly components
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