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LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring with hydraulic motion (Compression and Extension) damping
LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring with hydraulic motion (Compression and Extension) damping

The LIFT-O-MAT with hydraulic damping has an additional oil fill. The oil reduces the speed as the end position is approached, as soon as the piston leaves the gas and enters the oil chamber. The use of patented Labyrinth pistons and the viscosity of the oil determine the damping degree; the oil amount used determines the damping range. With the respective equipment, LIFT-O-MAT with hydraulic damping can be customized to match the task to be performed. LIFT-O-MAT provides comfortable damping in the end stop range of doors or flaps. Any unchecked force application to hinges or joints is effectively prevented; the motion sequence is controlled and harmonious. Following the laws of gravity, the advantages of this gas spring are used according to the installation orientation: with the piston rod pointing down (extension-damped) or the piston rod pointing up (compression-damped).

Additional advantages of the dynamic LIFT-O-MAT:

  • Simple structure
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Standard product line
  • Damping in compression and extension direction possible
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