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The LA31 actuator is a very quiet and powerful actuator designed for a variety of applications such as furniture, Nursing Home bedsHomecare beds or Hospital beds. The standard LA31 actuator is available for both the HOMELINE®, CARELINE®, TECHLINE® and DESKLINE® product ranges.

Due to its high capacity, design and protection class up to IP66 Washable, the CARELINE actuator is ideal for the healthcare sector e.g. for beds. The CARELINE LA31 actuator is available in a standard or a basic version. The LA31 actuator has exchangeable cables and is ideal in combination with OpenBus™ control boxes.

  • Max. Thrust: 6,000 N in push application
  • Max. Thrust: 4,000 N in pull application
  • Max. Speed: 32 mm/s
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