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With KOMBI-LIFT, a lid can be closed from two selectable positions.  Tailgates of high vehicles (vans) are protected from slamming into the garage ceiling or door. This will also allow shorter people to limit the opening angle of the trunk, facilitating the use of their car. The KOMBI-LIFT from Stabilus combines the advantages of locking and non-locking gas springs. With a lever on the piston rod, a defined partial range of the stroke can be locked during extension. For this purpose, the KOMBI-LIFT is equipped with a special groove in the pressure tube. When the valve is open, the lid will open across the entire opening angle to the end position. With the valve closed, the piston rod can only move within a range that corresponds to the opening angle specified in the groove. The functional areas can be arranged in any form over the entire stroke. The lid will close and, consequently, the gas spring will compress without actuation.


  • Closing a lid from two selectable positions
  • Combined functionality of locking and non-locking gas springs for special applications
  • Freely selectable function ranges over the entire stroke
  • Different actuation systems for locking gas springs usable

Application Examples

  • Tailgates of high vehicles (vans)
  • Lid limitation in cab construction for utility vehicles
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