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INTER-STOP with Holding Range
INTER-STOP with Holding Range

The INTER-STOP gas spring combines the properties of the LIFT-O-MAT with dynamic damping and the holding functions of the HYDRO-LIFT, with the holding force working in the extension direction. The stroke can be divided into one or more function areas. For example, one function area might perform the stopping or hold the application load in any position, until a manual force is applied, for example by hand. Then there might be an additional range for free extension with force support, which could be stopped at a defined point. The compression function of the gas spring is the same as in a standard LIFT-O-MAT. Areas of application are, among others, service flaps, hoods, car hoods, doors, roof windows – wherever different opening points are desired.

Special advantage:

  • Wide variety of opening functions
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