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Flat gaskets
Flat gaskets

HiMod® FlatSeal™

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions introduces HiMod® FlatSeal™, a range of best-in-class flat gaskets

Details of gaskets in the HiMod® FlatSeal™ range:

HiMod® FlatSeal™10 – A good all rounder

Suitable for a broad variety of standard applications, this gasket is ideal for use in average temperatures and pressures.

HiMod® FlatSeal™15 – Ideal for steam, oils, fuels and hydrocarbons

This gasket shows exceptionally good resistance to steam and fluids such as oils, fuels and hydrocarbons.

HiMod® FlatSeal™ 17 – The solution for original equipment

HiMod® FlatSeal™ is based on an innovative blend of high-quality aramid fibers, special functional fillers and Nitrile rubber (NBR). The new material combines the characteristics of fiber gaskets with the positive properties of elastomers, thus making it possible to produce a unique performance profile.

HiMod® FlatSeal™20 – Long-term resistance to high pressure

Providing high long-term pressure resistance, this gasket is also blowout resistant and complies with fugitive emissions standards.

HiMod® FlatSeal™ 30 and 31 – The intelligent problem solvers

A combination of expanded graphite and expanded flat metal inlay makes these seals intelligent problem solvers, adapting to any flanges they are fitted to.

HiMod® FlatSeal™36 – Material profile ensures maximum safety

Made of expanded graphite with flat metal inserts, this gasket has the best pressure to temperature ratio of any gasket on the market.

HiMod® FlatSeal™43 and 45 – Superior performance in food applications

Suitable for food contact, the gaskets offer improved performance compared to conventional polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) flat gaskets.

Information material:

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  • HiMod® FlatSeal™ 15
  • HiMod® FlatSeal™ 17
  • HiMod® FlatSeal™ 20
  • HiMod® FlatSeal™ 30 & 31
  • HiMod® FlatSeal™ 36
  • HiMod® FlatSeal™ 43 & 45
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