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Firesafe Ball Valves
Firesafe Ball Valves

When handling flammable liquids, safety must be a prime consideration. Great impor- tance is therefore attributed to the design of “fire-safe” shut-off valves utilized in many industrial environments including:

  • chemical and petrochemical plants
  • oil drilling and refineries
  • on- /offshore installations

When fire does break out, it is important that it does not spread through failures in pipe- work systems. Even under the most extreme conditions shut-off valves must  provide:

  • secure operation
  • reliable sealing in shut-off position
  • reliable sealing to the outside

Due to their quarter turn shut-off design, MHA ball valves provide a solution to meet these demands. Metal seat edges at the ball seats guarantee the sealing function during and after contact with fire, even if the seals are burnt. In addition, both housings and shafts are sealed with heat resistant seats, ensuring their continued operation.

MHA ball valves of the BKH- and KH-series have been tested successfully according to firesafe standard ISO 10497. Currently MHA is certified for  the  BKH  series  with  nominal sizes from DN 4 to DN 50 and the KH series with nominal sizes from DN 25 to DN 125,     within a nominal pressure range up to PN 420 bar.

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