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The DPT is an innovative DESKLINE® touch panel from LINAK. The panel is the perfect choice for office desks where modern design is the keyword.

The sophisticated solution is based on touch techniques, which are known from e.g. induction stoves and combines high-class design with high-class techniques, i.e. movement via a simple touch.

The DPT is designed for integration directly in the tabletop ensuring optimal ergonomic use for the end-user. The integration in the tabletop ensures that the panel is completely integrated in the desk design.

The DPT shows the actual desk height in a display. Besides ordinary up-down adjustment, it has 3 memory positions and is compatible with control boxes CBD4 and CBD6S.

The DPT is available as a 1-channel version for operation of the single or parallel channels. As an end-user service, the DPT can show error codes and helps to diagnose possible failures in the system.

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