Mechatronics Industrial Equipments, Flat no.22, Building no. 3098, Road no. 0469, Block no. 604, Al Qaryah, Sitra Industrial Area, Kingdom of Bahrain


The DPF1C desk panel is a perfect choice for a wide range of desks and workstations with a demand for a panel with height read-out.

The hallmark of the DPF desk panel series is the modern design, which combines classic looks with intuitive, practical use. The up and down buttons have been made extra “user-friendly” as they are shaped “according to the function”, meaning the user can feel the differences and it is not necessary to look when operating the system.

The DPF has a display for height read-out in either cm or inches. The display switches off when not in use thereby saving power in standby mode. As an extra feature, the panel can be used for diagnostics as error codes can be displayed

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