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DL7 and DL7R
DL7 and DL7R

The DL7 is a basic DESKLINE® column for simple desks mainly used in offices or private homes. The DL7 combines well-proven technology and basic features into a price/performance optimised low-cost 2-part column. The DL7 is available in a rectangular and a round version. The column was mainly developed for 2-parallel desks where the basic features of an electrical height adjustable desk are required.

The upside down construction gives a very compact and clean design and the fact that no crossbar is needed for a desk ensures a high degree of safety and leg room for the user. The DL7 is also very easy and intuitive to mount. The DL7 column is compatible with DESKLINE control boxes and all standard controls giving a wide range of options.

  • Max. thrust: 800 N
  • Max. speed: 34 mm/s
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