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Compressed Air Accessories
Compressed Air Accessories

Chicago Pneumatic develops total solutions for compressed air needs, from source to point of use. This includes compressed air treatment, condensate treatment, innovative compressed air distribution systems and energy savings solutions.

  • Piping systems: AIRnet – FAST, EASY, RELIABLE
    AIRnet is an innovative compressed air distribution system. This is the most efficient solution from source to production thanks to its high quality aluminum pipes, its range of aluminum and polymer fittings from Ø20 – 80 mm (¾” – 3”) and variety of specialized tools, brackets and bushing.

  • Condensate treatment: Removal of contaminant in compressed air condensate.
    The Chicago Pneumatic CPP range enables the separation and removal of this contamination, so the water can simply be discharged on site into the wastepipe.
  • Dryers
    CP Compressors offers a complete line of refrigerated, high temperature and regenerative dryers in order to efficiently and effectively remove condensate from the compressed air.

  • Filters & Elements
    Atmospheric air contains already in its origin impurities like: dust, various forms of hydrocarbons and water in form of humidity, which once sucked by the compressor is compressed and delivered to the line together with eventual oily particles.

  • Energy Savings
    Each kW of compressed air is 7-8 times more expensive than a kW of electricity. Chicago Pneumatic set up a service with the objective to identify and quantify energy & cost savings with respect to generation of compressed air.

  • The Compressed Air and Gas Institute
    CAGI, is an organization dedicated to improving the compressed air industry through established standards. As a proud member of CAGI, CP Compressors publishes all technical data in accordance with CAGI/PNEUROP PN2CPTC2 guidelines and voluntarily allows products to be selected for participation in CAGI’s Performance Verification Program.
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