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BLOC-O-LIFT with Rigid Locking in any Mounting Position
BLOC-O-LIFT with Rigid Locking in any Mounting Position

Unlike the purely gas-filled BLOC-O-LIFT, where the gas characteristics cause spring locking, in this type of BLOC-O-LIFT, the entire working range of the piston is filled with oil. Depending on the installation of so-called separating pistons, which separate the gas chamber from the oil chamber, different locking forces can be achieved in the extension or compression directions. The maximum allowable locking force depends on the extension force and/or the overall device strength.

Specific advantages :

  • Very high oil locking force
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Variable locking and optimized weight compensation during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing
  • Compact design for installation in small spaces
  • Easy mounting due to a variety of end fitting options

Application Example :

  • Head and foot panel adjustments in hospital beds, operating tables, wheelchairs
  • Height adjustment in walker
  • Armrest, headrest, driver seat adjustment
  • Desktop/table height and inclination adjustment
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