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BLOC-O-LIFT with Rigid Locking for Vertical Mounting
BLOC-O-LIFT with Rigid Locking for Vertical Mounting

In this version of rigid locking gas springs, the entire working range of the piston is in oil, resulting in rigid locking, since oil cannot be compressed. Unlike the orientation-independent BLOC-O-LIFT, separating pistons were foregone in favor of lower costs. Flawless function is maintained by gravity; therefore, vertical or almost vertical installation must be ensured. Here, the alignment of the piston rod defines the locking behavior in the pull or push direction. Same areas of application as for the BLOC-O-LIFT described before.


  • Cost-efficient variant with very high rigid oil locking force
  • Variable rigid locking and optimized weight compensation during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing
  • Compact design for installation in small spaces
  • Easy mounting due to a large variety of end fitting options
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