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Bearings & Bushings – synthetic composites and engineered thermoplastics
Bearings & Bushings – synthetic composites and engineered thermoplastics

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers composite bearings and thermoplastic bearings for a wide range of applications. Bearings are fitted within an application to allow constrained relative motion between two or more parts. They are mechanical devices that support another part and/or reduce friction.

Polymer bearings, such as our Orkot®Turcite® and HiMod® products, offer significant advantages over traditional metal bearings. All are dimensionally stable, have excellent wear resistance and outstanding low-friction characteristics, giving them unrivalled performance in dry or with boundary lubrication.

Trelleborg’s range of bearing materials includes Turcite® and HiMod® engineered thermoplastic bearings and Orkot® synthetic composite bearings.

Orkot® composite bearings have virtually no swell in seawater, making them ideal for marine and hydropower applications. Their superior elasticity over metal bearings means they can take edge-loading and counter misalignment even under extremely heavy loads.

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