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Automotive & Chemical (paints, lacquers, isocyanate)
Automotive & Chemical (paints, lacquers, isocyanate)

MHA ZENTGRAF offers a wide range of suitable valve setups for different automotive industry processes. In many cases highly viscous or abrasive fluids are used which pro- vide major challenges for valve seat materials. For those media MHA ZENTGRAF uses metallic ball seats with a specially hardened ball to ensure a long lifetime in the process. MHA ZENTGRAF ball valves are also available with heating devices and temperature sensors in order to keep the temperature regulated during the manufacturing process. On request the valves can be specially cleaned to remove paint wetting disruptive sub- stances (LABS-free). Equipped with actuators and limit switches our ball valves can be integrated into any automization concept.

Ball valves for isocyanates and abrasive media

Isocyanates require a special seat setup as they react with humidity and develop crystalline particles. To prevent the fluid from coming into contact with environmental humidity, the ball valves have to be leak proof. This is ensured through a special stem setup.

Furthermore, some isocyanate types would damage standard plastic ball seats. That’s why metallic ball seats are used for this application to increase the lifetime of the ball valves.

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