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These volumetric pumps actuated by compressed air can be operated in hazardous areas or in demanding conditions, are adequate to pump dense, viscous, abrasive, laden with solids, volatile, neutral or chemical liquids. The compressed air actuation circuit is stall and lubricant free; these pumps can run dry, are self-priming and easy to install.

ASTRA: wide range of thermoplastic and metal constructed pumps

The ASTRA design was conceived by Argal team thanks to its specific experience and skills on AODD pumps: with an improved air distributor system and optimised geometries of air diaphragms and liquid chambers, our team’s aim was to broaden the traditional range of applications of our AODD pump from simple transfer to transfer and metering. This ability was achieved implementing conventional and innovative solutions.

  • Greater Performance 

Comparing to other similar pumps, our ASTRA pumps with sizes from ½” to 2” offer an increased flow. They turn into an economic advantage thanks to the smaller sizes with same performances but also into a technical advantage as ASTRA can deliver the same performances with minor strokes per minute and reduced mechanical stress on all parts. For these reasons, we can ensure a longer operational life and a minor LCC (Life Cycle Cost) as well as a less noisy pump with fewer vibrations if compared to other traditional pumps.

  • Equipped

All ASTRA pumps can be preset to:

  • Operate at extra low pressure with diaphragms’ actuation circuit independent from pilot command circuit;
  • Detect the number of pumping cycles by normalized probe;
  • Supply pneumatic signals in response to the end of run positions reached by the diaphragms;
  • Operate as pumps submerged in the liquid pumped (optional configuration).

Auxiliary connections to implement the a.m. optional features and modes of use are lodged in the technical panel placed near the air exhaust.  

  • Customised Layout

Hydraulic connections of Astra pumps can be configured according to several schemes:

The standard scheme foresee one manifold with horizontal lateral inlet and one manifold with horizontal lateral outlet;
The optional schemes foresee one manifold with horizontal inlet and one manifold with horizontal outlet, or a mix from both types.

  • The Drum Pump Version

This is a special version fitted with an optional suction pipe long up to 2m, made of the same wet materials as the pump and it allows to prime from drums pure and viscous chemicals even in hazardous environment.

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